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Networking and Consulting Membership for Socially Conscious Professionals

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The Growing SoCon Community

SoCon hosts socially conscious events for the professional community, and plans socially conscious events and activities specifically for Members.

Anyone who is interested is encouraged to attend SoCon Community events. SoCon membership is an honor representing a material commitment to socially conscious business, and is open only to those who qualify.

Member Reviews

See what our members have to say.

“The SoCon chocolate tour was fantastic! I really appreciated the opportunity to network with likeminded professionals who are passionate about sustainability and to learn how our local Portland businesses are incorporating sustainability into their practices.”

Dan Cronin

Financial Consultant, StoneRidge Wealth Management

I was so inspired when I met others in the growing, socially conscious Portland community who believed and strived for many of the same things I did. We’re now working on some exciting community collaborations!”

Vawn Hicks

Co-Chair, Conscious Capitalism Portland

“This is a highly-engaged, passionate, and energetic group.

They wear social consciousness on their sleeves and it lives in their hearts.

You can bet they will be part of our network for a long time to come.”

Tom Hering

Co-Founder, Benefit Corporations for Good

Qualifying as a Member

Members must demonstrate commitment through business to improving at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This commitment may be small, but must be material, and must not be undertaken to offset or ‘greenwash’ any negative impact on any of the Goals.

Discounted Memberships

Nonprofits: Become a Nonprofit Partner for a month, and receive 10% of ticket and membership sales in that location for the month! Plus, free membership for any one Board member and the opportunity to speak/host a vendor table at the Community event for free!

Students: Receive a discounted individual membership for just $99 instead of $199! Valid only while a student. Includes all benefits of Individual membership, except only one complimentary (1) ticket per event; no option for a Vendor Table; and only 2 free tickets to events in other cities.

Military: Receive a discounted individual membership with all individual member benefits for just $159 instead of $199! This discount is valid for life. If upgrading to Organizational membership, each Military member  in the organization receives a $10 annual discount.

Government: Government workers may join SoCon together as an organization, regardless of what branch each member works in. A Government Organization Membership must include members from the same level, ie, Local, State, Federal, and all members must be in the same city.


For your convenience, below are our frequently asked questions. If you don’t seen an answer to your question, please feel to contact us.

Can I attend an event without a membership?

Yes! SoCon networking events are open to the public. Non-membership tickets are $20 paid online or at the event.

How often are your networking events?

Our schedule varies based on venue availability, but we strive to host two (2) to three (3) networking events per month.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel anytime you would like! Please keep in mind that there is no pro-rated refund for early cancelation.

Who can apply?

Any business or individual working for a socially conscious business, or would like to start, is welcome to apply.

Membership Application

Interested in joining the SoCon professional networking membership? Simply fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.