SoCon Pivots Focus from Professional Networking to Socially Conscious Community Building

SoCon Pivots Focus from Professional Networking to Socially Conscious Community Building

From Doing Conscious Business to Building Conscious Community

The decision to pivot is part of our ongoing journey to provide the highest value for our members. Member and guest surveys repeatedly found that socializing and sharing a passion for all things socially conscious. This includes discussion of being socially conscious in a professional capacity, as well as conscious consumerism and conscious investments.

Grapple with the difficulties, share your stories, give and receive valuable tools and guidance. This has been the experience of past attendees and will continue to be the SoCon experience. We will also continue to provide professional networking opportunities for members.

SoCon Community Events

As always, guests with an interest in becoming more conscious and intentional in any capacity are welcome to attend events. Under the new SoCon Community model, both Members and Guests are invited to attend for free. This aligns with our sincere desire to bring people into the community who want to be more conscious and intentional in their choices.

Community events are typically be held in the early evening time once per quarter in each chartered SoCon city. Community events are typically sponsored by SoCon or SoCon Members or Partners wishing to donate to the events per our Sponsorship Program.

SoCon Professional Networking Opportunities

SoCon will continue to provide business value for new and continuing Members.

Members-Only Events

Members-only events include daytime meetings in coffee shops or less formal settings. Members-only events may also include conscious-centered tours, hiking, educational events, volunteering, and more. Members-only events are sponsored by SoCon on behalf of paying members, with additional sponsorship opportunities possible.

Member Perks and Benefits

Members will receive an official SoCon sticker and digital Offical Member image, plus a bio on the SoCon website. Members may also post blogs in their SoCon profile, participate in Community Forums, initiate official SoCon sponsored events, and be offered speaking, conference, and other professional opportunities.

Partner discounts, Member offers, and event discounts are some of the additional benefits provided to members as well. Recent discounts include the Outsite membership discount, the Among the Stars Consulting marketing funnel offer, and a discount to the Elevate PDX 2020 Event with Conscious Capitalism Portland.

Every event will recap with a newsletter, and members have the option to select placing a promotion, offer, or bio in the newsletter. SoCon also offers members the opportunities for social media shout-outs, blog profiles, and videos/interviews on our new YouTube channel. At both Community and Member events, any Member may make an official statement and offer to the group. Guests may purchase these offers a la carte.

Website Profile and Blog

Each Individual or Corporate Member has their own profile on the website, as well as a dedicated blog and access to their chapter and national forums. We also have Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and the Instagram/Twitter hashtag #MySoConStory. We encourage all members to use the website forums in addition to social media whenever appropriate, as many of our Members are not social media users for conscientious reasons.

Where SoCon Fits in the Conscious Business Spectrum

We follow the 17 Principles of Sustainable Development for 2030 set by the United Nations. We set this bar so that anyone who is actively doing something to make the world a better place in a business or professional capacity is eligible to become a member of SoCon.

Unlike other member organizations, SoCon also invites guests to attend our events and gatherings. Guests are not required to follow the 17 Principles; we believe a conscientious social network will lead to interest and a natural path to commitment.